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Solving problems in geometry
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Курс геометрии с решением практических задач и необходимыми формулами

In this course conditions and solving problems on geometry are given. There are also a number of problems from the course of algebra, if their content presupposes knowledge of geometry.

The tasks are structured around the topics: Planimetry, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Stereometry, etc. All problems in geometry - with a solution.

If you did not find a solution to the problem of geometry of the type you are interested in, write about it in the forum - almost certainly the course will be supplemented by your task.

Note that the task (task type) whose solution you are interested in can be somewhat in a different section than you expect. For example, in the "sine theorem" section, if its solution involves the use of this theorem. For the decider this is not always obvious.

To get acquainted with the reference information, which is often needed to solve, for example, concerning the formulas of the area of ​​a triangle, the area of ​​a parallelogram, the signs of the similarity of triangles, etc. go to the appropriate section. As a rule, each chapter contains the necessary background information.

The idea of ​​the course is to solve specific problems using examples to obtain skills in their solution.

This course is often supplemented by solutions to the next task of geometry at the request of site visitors ("help solve geometry"). Therefore, in the training course all material is devoted to the solution of such problems in geometry with an explanation of their solution. I hope they will help you.

Serhii Vysotskyi

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How to find the right task or information

On the left is the structure of the course. All tasks are grouped by topic (folders). You need:
  1. Find the desired section. For example, the section "Quadrangles" - about figures with four corners - a rhombus, a square, a trapezoid, etc., and "Stereometry" - about three-dimensional figures - a cone, a pyramid, a parallelepiped, etc.
  2. Select the desired partition. Click on it with the mouse. A list of subsections opens.
  3. In the list of subkeys, find the one that matches the topic of the task. For example, in the section "Stereometry", select the section of tasks for pyramids or in the "Quadrangles" section select the "Trapezium"
  4. In the list that opens, you need to search for the necessary tasks

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